Your 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple' Team Says More About You Than You'd Think

by Julian Sonny

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" wasn't just another 90s game show -- it was a rite of passage and hands down the flyest sh*t on television.

Every kid growing up in the 90s dreamt of getting the chance to solve some ancient legend mysteries, help out the homie Olmec and, of course, win a vacation plus these amazing prizes.

But the real question is: Which team were you on?

Between the Red Jaguars, Purple Parrots, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas and Silver Snakes, your temple squad says everything we need to know about you today.

If you were one of the kids who couldn't piece together the silver monkey, then this article isn't for you.

Red Jaguars

You go harder than anyone else in the room, but sometimes, that means you get a little too ahead of yourself.

You're usually the first one across the moat at stage one, and you're known for hot starts. That also means you might use up too much energy early on and have a hard time finishing the race.

Still, you've always been a favorite to win and have never had a problem meeting your expectations. You rely on your instincts and have never given a f*ck about a hater.

Purple Parrots

To you, just making it to the big stage is enough of an accomplishment.

Being comfortable is very important to you, so you already know you're not trying to run into any temple guards.

You're there to compete, but you're also easily distracted by things that don't matter. That doesn't mean you aren't any good.

You'll just never be great. I mean, come on, you're a Purple Parrot.

Blue Barracudas

You're all about teamwork and winning. You strategize, create, plan and execute to the best of your team's ability.

To you, teamwork makes the dream work.

Not having the right parter can slow you down, but you're always there to make sure he or she picks up the slack.

When others are trying to do things on the fly, you already know where you want to be.

Green Monkeys

No one ever picks you to win, but that only makes you work harder.

You rely on your intellect to get past the trivia stage, and your savviness is what gets you ahead in the race.

When you finally reach the top, people will act surprised, but you won't be. You've known you're the best all along.

Orange Iguanas

You have a hard time believing in yourself sometimes, but when you actually put your mind to things, you can go far.

You use your brute strength to power you forward and knock people out of your way, which sometimes can make you enemies.

However, you don't always think things all the way through and get caught up in some of the worst situations, usually embarrassing yourself in the end.

Silver Snakes

You'll do whatever it takes to win as long as it's in the rules. People might hate you for it, but your thick skin only makes you stronger.

You can't be trusted and have no problem smiling in people's faces and stabbing them in the backs.

Some may call you an assh*le for it, but realistically, f*ck them.