This Weatherman Used Classic Madonna Lyrics Throughout Entire Forecast (Video)

Madonna is still a VERY BIG DEAL in our nation's capital.

When pop's first lady comes to town, DC rolls out the red carpet, and according to Mashable, Fox 5's meteorologist Mike Thomas spends all night sprinkling Madge's lyrics into the following day's forecast.

A video of the Madonna-centric forecast from the Friday preceding her Saturday show at the Verizon Center features the weatherman breathlessly knocking reference after reference off his Madonna roster.

Thomas and his team reportedly devoted roughly four hours to writing the lyric-laden forecast that clocks in at just under three minutes.

It is not Thomas' first time performing a music-themed forecast, and it is likely not his last.

The broadcast was cut short before Thomas could top it off with,

See, Karen? Your interests are important to me! I do listen! TAKE ME BACK.
FOX 5 DC on YouTube

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