People Freak The F*ck Out During This Street Fighter Elevator Prank (Video)

I'll argue this is less a prank and more a video of people just being dicks.

There used to be an art to pranking. You'd have a long setup, stake out a victim and then pray for all the pieces to fall into place. Romance and fluidity were part of pulling off a great prank.

The Internet ruined that.

Sure, there are still actual pranks online -- just look up anything starring Jimmy Kimmel and kids, and you're guaranteed to see a solid prank play itself out.

The issue is the most-viewed "pranks" online are of bros just being dicks to strangers. At what point did getting a girl's number because you were standing in front of a nice car become considered a prank? That's not a prank! That's just lying!

In this video, the "prank" just involves some Street Fighter cosplayers dressed up as Ryu and Chun-Li. They fake punch, yell and kick unsuspecting elevator passengers. Then, for some reason, they act kind of surprised when the "prank-ees" aren't gracious for the opportunity to have the crap scared out of them by video game characters.

There is a fine line between being pranksters and just being assh*les to strangers. These guys are the latter.

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