Guy Gets Wasted In The Snow, Makes Brutal Decision To Take Ice Cold Bath


Let's face it. When we get drunk, we feel invincible.

This is probably why we awake the following morning after a bender with bruises or cuts or in a bathtub filled with snow and ice?!

One brave (yeah, we'll stick with "brave" over "completely misguided") man decided to celebrate the first snow in Norway by doing the most Norwegian thing I've ever seen: taking an ice bath and getting wasted.

First, he straight-up drinks Vodka like it's water and he's on a desert isle dying of thirst, just how Amelia Earhart probably kicked the bucket.


To be fair, those enormous swigs of Vodka probably gave him the liquid courage needed to take a bath in another extremely cold liquid.

Things get interesting when he takes out a chainsaw.

Normally, I'd advocate you shouldn't drink and operate a chainsaw, but this man is on a mission from the frosty Norwegian gods and who am I to stop him?

He breaks apart the ice with this slice-and-dice piece of machinery.


In case you wondering what he's about to do next, spoiler alert: You're right.

He finally fully immerses himself in the freezing water like it's NBD.


Nope! As a person who never enters water unless it's above 80 degrees, I can safely say this man might be a host from "Westworld."

Of course, he finishes his frosty dip by drinking some more.


I don't even want to imagine the hangover this man received the following morning. Also, how is he alive?

However, in terms of people getting drunk, this guy scores pretty low on the "WTF?" scale.

For instance, one guy managed to capture the drunkenness that is Halloween by pretending to be a news anchor.

Well, I for one salute this man. You've taken drunkenness to a "Man vs. Wild" level.

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