83-Year-Old Grandma Loses It During First VR Experience: 'I Think I'm Dying'

by Robert Anthony

There's only one thing more fun than bringing a VR headset home: forcing your not-so-tech-savvy relatives to test it out.

I remember my first VR experience. I was hanging out with "the most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis commercials. We were at a masquerade party with lions and burlesque dancers.

It was actually super chill. And because of that, not once did I suspect I was dying. As a matter of fact, for the first time in my life, I never felt so alive!

The only time I thought I might die was during the "Star Wars" VR game.

That wasn't the case when some genius let their grandma try out VR for the very first time. Her cries for help during the entire experience speak volumes.

I think I'm dying.

In a new viral YouTube video titled, "Grandmother's First Virtual Reality Rollercoaster," we're introduced to a brave 83-year-old woman getting ready to go on the ride of her life.

The minute-long video begins with granny already wearing the VR headset as she begins to ask questions. You can tell she's extremely nervous.

Poor grandma!


Her relatives ensure her everything will be just fine. I mean, it's just VR... What could possibly go wrong, right?

Seconds later, the roller coaster ride finally begins. It doesn't take too much longer before the woman begins screaming as if she were on a real rollercoaster (and not on her couch).


"Oh my God," she begins to shout. As the ride picks up speed, her reaction just keeps getting better and better. I don't think I've heard someone's grandmother scream this much since Mrs. Doubtfire!

The best part about this hilarious clip is just when you think she's done stressing her vocal cords toward the end of the video, she just starts screaming again.

Here's the hilarious clip of someone's grandma trying out a VR game for the very first time.

Keep in mind, this is just her reaction to a rollercoaster VR experience.

I'm afraid of what her reaction would be to the zombie VR game that caused someone's grandfather to throw punches at the windows and curtains!

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