Self-Proclaimed 'Unattractive' People Share Best Things About Being Ugly

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Reddit is loaded with ugly, glass-half-full optimists today.

We all can't look like Kate Upton and the Francos (James and Dave). It's just science.

For every good-looking slice of human meat out there, there is at least an equal number of slabs of normal, human, chuck beef, and that's fine! It's OK to be normal or bad looking!

Queen Elizabeth and Ron Howard are both strong 6s, and they do fine for themselves!

Also, if you think about it, hot people are kind of like nice days in that you need to have some rainy ones in order to enjoy the sunny ones.

Yup, uglies and normies are the rainy, terrible days of people.

Reddit users are celebrating this fact with a thread devoted to the hidden benefits of being sub-smokin' looking.

Go forth, 5s and below! Own this day!

See, life is all right!

Your father doesn't need to be Liam Neeson if you're ugly.

Spread out to your heart's desire, bucko!

"She likes me for me / I def don't look like Tyson Beckford / I look more like a walking turd."

Einstein is lucky he was ugly.

Ever notice how there are no hot Buddhist monks?


Just ask that guy who married Mary-Kate Olsen.

Being normal looking is all about diversity.

You have more money to spend on single movie tickets.

See above comment.

Seth Rogen is a millionaire for a reason.

This is a VERY niche ugly-person benefit.

Save your green.

Being ugly is the ULTIMATE form of contraception.