This Is What It Would Be Like To Treat A Dying Person Like A Dying Phone (Video)

Natalie Tran, the comedian behind ultra-popular communitychannel on YouTube, had a thought: What if we treated dying people the same way we treat our dying phones?

Based on this random musing, she created a sketch comedy video imagining just that.

In the video, Tran plays three characters: herself, her mother and a sick friend.

When the friend tells Tran she’s dying, Tran treats her the same way she would a dying phone -- with annoyance and a distinct lack of sympathy.

The idea is definitely interesting in theory, but it's unclear what message Tran is trying to communicate (that we should be more sensitive to our phones?).

Honestly, it’s not my favorite, but Tran's million-plus subscribers (and the 16,000 viewers who “liked” the video) must be fans for a reason. It's either her humor or her endearing Australian accent.

Check the video out up top and decide for yourself.