Toddler Performs Shia LaBeouf's 'Just Do It' Speech Way Better Than Shia (Video)

The Internet needs to keep these borderline child exploitative videos coming!

After Bill Cosby stopped getting kids to say the darndest things, which made "The Cosby Show" significantly weirder now that we know what Cosby was doing off-camera, there was a child wonder-shaped hole left in our entertainment needs.

Luckily, parents stepped up to bat by coaching their children to drop nuggets of adorable gold on the Internet.

When you pair a child being cute with a pop culture reference -- like the part-terrifying, part-motivational speech Shia LaBeouf assaulted the Web with late last month -- you get clickbait that is only surpassed by cats reenacting key scenes from "Star Wars."

If North West gives that speech from "Independence Day," I guarantee the Internet will be down for two months.

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