This 2-Year-Old Can't Take It When Her Dad Says She Doesn't Have A BF (Video)

This girl needs to get out from this oppressive household and live her own life by her own rules!

Apparently, 2-year-old Kennedy has a boyfriend named Jared, but her parents won’t admit they’re going out.

You see, Jared is from the wrong side of the tracks.

He’s known for dancing and drinking. Kennedy’s family is known for fancy cotillion balls and being a group of people who either become senators or marry steel magnates.

Kennedy met Jared at a charity Bach concert where she was playing the cello and he was catering.

After a tryst during the town pumpkin fair, their love blossomed like the fresh poppies in the Morris family farm field during May.

Kennedy's parents think Jared is below their family's social standing and worry a wedding between the two could affect their grandchildren's abilities to run for Congress, thus ending a 78-year streak of having a politician in the family.

They've renounced the young love, and now Kennedy has to choose between abandoning the only thing that has ever emotionally felt right or staying with her family and going back to a meaningless life spent toiling away in wealth and loneliness, constantly wondering what could have been if she followed her heart.

Though the video didn’t specify if anything I said is true, I’ve seen enough Nicholas Sparks movies to know it probably happened just like that.