Guy Uses Hilarious Slides On Tinder To Get People To Swipe Right On Him


Tinder is a goddamn kill-or-be-killed battlefield, and it takes a unique presence to stand out among the crowd of total plebes and prove his or her worth.

A sexy photo isn’t enough anymore, but a sexy slide presentation?

I'm listening...

Tinder user Austin knows sometimes people need the cold, hard facts when deciding whom to swipe right on, and if a few well-prepped slides can’t win the 20-year-old a trip to the bone yard, nothing will.

The eligible bachelor references past successes…

…but knows how to keep things current.

He also includes a damn graph because potential matches can’t argue with math.

The modern lover doesn’t have time to labor over analysis, so Austin compiled a brief summary of his strengths.

Odds of this hot slice staying on the market for long sure seem slim.