Guy On Tinder Turns The Tables On Girl Judging Him Based On Height (Photo)

by Connor Toole

I'm 6'10", which means I get asked, "How tall are you?" almost every single time I decide to leave the solitude of my apartment.

It's reached a point where I react to the question the same way I would if someone asked me how I was doing -- I give them an answer, possibly smile a bit and hope they stop talking to me so I can continue going about my day.

It's like being a celebrity without any of the money.

You might not think I'd be able to relate to this exchange posted to r/Tinder concerning minimum height requirements, but in my experience, the idea that "girls like tall guys" stops being true when that guy is more than 6'6".

Heightism affects us all, and I'm glad there are some people out there willing to take a stand against this injustice.

Remember: Never judge based solely on height. You should also consider the size of his penis.