These Precious Elderly People Have No Clue How To Use A Camera Phone (Video)

Eventually we are all going to be old and weird and have no idea how to use the 4D time-space cameras attached to our "Apple iBrains."

Seriously, I can already picture myself being laughed at by my jaded, post-post-post-ironic neo-hipster 12-year-old grandson because I don't know how to "Snorf" (which will be the name of a social media app that connects you to the nearest telekinetic ghost who wants to haunt you in your vicinity).

So let's all just enjoy this while it lasts. In fact, it's our job, as young people in the know, to get together and ruthlessly make fun of old people being bad at technology.

Feast your eyes, my age-companions, on three adorable old folks completely failing at using the camera on a phone.

The best part about this all is that the thing they are trying to use is the very thing documenting how badly they are being defeated by it.

Point and boo, my compatriots! Because one day, these three old farts are going to be you.