'Scumbag Baby Boomer' Meme Is The Perfect Response To People Who Criticize Gen-Y

Millennials have gained a reputation for a number of things as our global takeover slowly progresses, with Generation-Y either changing the way things are done forever or slowly destroying the world as we know it (depending on whom you ask).

One of our defining features is a love of white text placed over image macros to make a point about something -- or, as they're more commonly referred to: "memes."

Whether it's a stock photo model complaining about dirty dishes or animals giving life advice, there's a meme for basically every situation. And if there isn't, you're free to make one up.

That's what the person behind "Scumbag Baby Boomer" did, and the result is a bunch of passive aggressive statements pointing out hypocrisy (but the overall  execution could probably support a number of the hypothetical complaints from older generations...).

In that sense, it's the perfect meme: It might not stand up to much criticism, but it might make you look at things a little bit differently before moving on with your life.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Maybe they can wipe their tears with a $100 bill

It better not have anything to do with marijuana

The circle of life

"I can't retire because I made poor investments"

In fairness, I wouldn't wait five minutes for IHOP

Except internships. Those are definitely free.

"Why don't you go to the CEO and ask?"

Young people can do it for them

Sensing a theme yet?

Cynics can never be disappointed

H/T: Tumblr