The 1 Question You Should Ask Every Zodiac Sign To Make Them Swoon

by Rosey Baker
Ronnie Comeau

You know when you're out on a first date with someone you really, really like and you're at a total loss for words?

We've all been there. I have a solution, because luckily I am the most charming person on the planet and that, combined with my astrological witchcraft and knowledge of the zodiac signs will prove to be your secret weapon, my friend.

One way to avoid being nervous is to direct all your energy into curiosity. Asking questions about someone else not only makes them love you because they get to talk about themselves, but if you know their sign, you can ask the right kinds of questions to make them swoon.

So the next time you're on a first date, here's the one question you can ask to make every sign in the zodiac delete their Tinder account.

Aries: "What Criminal Charge Would You Like To Be Immune To?"

Every Aries has a rebellious streak, not because they want to take down the man or anything, but just for the rush. They're ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy, and they thrive when they feel excitement, so just getting their imaginations going and allowing them an opportunity to show off their "bad" side could be liberating for them.

Taurus: "If you could make your own schedule what would it look like?"

Taurus is a lazy sign -- lazy, but determined. They have goals that they stick to and will never abandon, but like taking their time getting around to them. In fact, it's every Taurus' dream to be able to make their own schedule, and they'll love ruminating on what exactly their day might look like if they had no one to answer to but themselves.

Gemini: "If animals could talk, which one would be the rudest?"

To charm a Gemini, you need to give them a chance to really show off their wit, so asking them a funny, thought provoking question.

Geminis are such a lively, curious sign, they've probably already got a well-thought out answer for this, too. They'll be happy to know they aren't the only ones to have pondered this deep mystery of life.

Cancer: "What part of a kids movie completely scarred you?"

The answer you get for this question will come directly from the heart. Cancers are very attached to their childhood, their home, and they never forget the influences that nurtured them, or those that made them feel life would be a nightmare.

Also, if they say Bambi's mom dying in the woods, you know they're basic. That's literally everyone's answer.

Leo: "What kind of cult would you start?"

Don't think for a second they haven't thought about it.

Most Leos would make fantastic cult leaders. They have the charm, the charisma, and they know how to stomp out any lack of enthusiasm for their cause.

Giving them a chance to show off how creative they can get with their charisma is better than bringing them flowers.

Virgo: "What are you currently worried about?"

How much time do you have? Virgo will give some answer about how they "aren't worried, but concerned," and that's just because they hate admitting to having feelings.

But they're the most worried sign in the zodiac, and giving them a chance to vent will surprise them. They might feel much better by the end of your conversation, and will come crawling back for more of this "talking about feelings" business again.

Libra: "What are the unwritten rules of the house you grew up in?"

Libra is a sign with a lot of unwritten rules about things. They're very kind and gracious, but they have some very strict standards when it comes to how people should interact and the ways they should treat each other. Getting to know what those rules are is the first step to getting to know them intimately.

Scorpio: "What's wrong, but sounds right?"

This is a chance to let Scorpio make a point. They have many to make, but the one they really love to make the most is about how the gracious guidelines we've set up for ourselves in the world actually stand in the way of making everything run as smoothly as possible.

By the end of the conversation, don't be surprised if Scorpio is telling you all their best-laid plans for when the apocalypse comes.

Sagittarius: "What set of items would you buy to make a cashier the most uncomfortable?"

I'm laughing already thinking about how uncomfortable you're going to be after asking them this question, because if there's one thing a Sagittarius excels at, it's being totally f*cking inappropriate.

If you can roll with that, and give Sagittarius a chance to be as free with their opinions as they wanna be, you've got yourself a new boyfriend/girlfriend.

Capricorn: "What's your 10-year plan?"

Look, Capricorns see dates as a job interview, and they need to know you're not here to f*ck around. Their time is precious, and it's worth a lot of money -- or will be at some point.

So do them a sold and let 'em know you're as ambitious to know them as they are about their career. Not to mention, they're probably the only people on the planet who aren't intimidated by this question.

Aquarius: "If you were wrongfully put into an asylum, how would you convince them you were sane?"

This is Aquarius' greatest fear: to be seen as insane just because they're light years ahead of the rest of us, and for their freedom to be taken from them because of it.

It might sound like a crazy fear, but ask any Aquarius, and they could give you lists of people who were locked up because of thinking differently. The freedom to be curious and to answer the questions no one wants answered is where Aquarius shines, and talking on a philosophical level like this turns them on, so it's a win-win for both parties

Pisces: "If you were arrested, what would people assume it was for?"

This is a question that would make any Pisces laugh, because they're one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac, and they'll probably have a different answer for each person in their life.

They love to imagine what they're seen like on the outside because they have such a fluid idea of who they are, and showing them your genuine interest and laughing at their answers is enough to make them swoon. They're VERY easily seduced.