The 20 Greatest 'Jackass' Stunts Of All Time

by Julian Sonny

"Jackass" defines our generation in so many ways. Not only did we all grow up watching the ridiculous antics of Johnny Knoxville and co., but we truly learned from them -- mostly lessons on how to be completely ratchet and hotboy.

They provide a brand of entertainment unlike any other. The fearlessness that they exhibit on a consistent basis puts us all in awe, as these grown ass white kids from the suburbs proved they have neither boundaries, nor limitations. At all. It's safe to say that between this and "South Park," generation-Y was destined for greatness. Or disaster. Either one of the two really.

What would high school have been like if no one knew how to party boy? And who would have known that a gold fish could survive the human digestive system if regurgitated immediately?

These are the pressing issues that we don't want to know the answer to. Instead we will just enjoy these bits that make us laugh, cry and yack. These are the 20 greatest Jackass stunts of all time.

Bad Grandpa

Stun Gun Hot Potato

Fish Hooking Steve-O

The Butt Chug

The Toro Trotter

The Tee Ball

The Anaconda Ball Pit

Electric Avenue (Taser Hallway)

The Beehive Limo

Public Boner

The Jackass High-Five

The Alligator Tightrope

Wasabi Snorters

The Toy Car Up The Butt

Air Horn Golf

The Gauntlet

The Valentine

Bad Dog!

 Pontious The Barbarian

The Poo Cocktail Supreme

Photo Credit: Soda Head