The 12 Most Embarrassing Things Every Boyfriend Has Had To Do

Being a good boyfriend isn't easy! Especially, if your girl is even slightly high maintenance.

Sure, it's worth it if you love your girlfriend, but that doesn't mean you're not gonna get thrown into a ton of awkward situations you'd rather avoid. But part of being in a relationship is making sacrifices for your partner and doing things you'd normally never do, just to make her happy (or because you got coerced).

Sometimes those sacrifices are more embarrassing than others, but I guess that's the price you pay for consistent sex, am I right? As boyfriends, we've all been there before, so there's no shame in admitting the things we've done to please our girlfriends.

Here are 12 embarrassing things every boyfriend has had to do:

Gone to an all girls pre-game

You know that time your girlfriend dragged you along to her friend's apartment, and told you her friends' boyfriends were coming too, but the guys never came. The guys never came! You're stuck there pretending to look civil as they gossip and binge drink, secretly searching for the window to try and jump to your death.

Bought a box of tampons

That’s always an awkward one. You know, when your girlfriend doesn’t "feel good" or asks you to pick her up a box when you told her you were heading to CVS. You feel like you need to buy a protein shake and a box of condoms, too, so the cashier doesn't think you're a total pussy. "Yeah, we run the red light."

*Plan B is a bad one too, but come on -- who isn't on birth control, am I right? Heck, I'm even on it.

Watched an episode of "The Real Housewives"

Whether it's Orange County, Miami, New Jersey, or if she’s a bit ghetto, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," we’ve all had to sit through at least one of these painfully excruciating series and question why we are in this relationship in the first place. (Ramona is such a bitch though! Am I right!?)

*Watching an episode is one thing, but a reunion; that’s a whole different ballpark. Your girlfriend practically wets herself from all of the fighting, while you just imagine yourself repeatedly punching Andy Cohen in the face.

Sat through a manicure

You know, that time your girlfriend told you to meet her at the manicurist because she was almost done, but had actually just sat down a minute before you walked in. You amuse yourself by having small talk with the hilarious Asian woman who tells you "oooh you so hansom," but you really just want to sniff nail polish until you pass out. And no matter what you do, don’t EVER actually get a manicure. That’s your one goal as a boyfriend, never succumb to the manicure! That's about all the dignity we have left.

Have been dragged shopping

It’s not so bad when your girlfriend occasionally takes you shopping, but when it’s your girlfriend who’s doing all the shopping, it’s the worst. She’ll ask you what you think, but still manages to never actually listen to your opinions. All you care about is how comfortable the couch is and what time you can leave. It’s not too bad when you do the occasional bathing suit shopping, yet it’s never as glamorous as they make it out in “The New Guy.”

Gone on a double date with the most miserable couple

You know that one girlfriend who keeps harassing your girlfriend to go out on a double date. She's the most annoying girl you've ever met, and the boyfriend couldn't be any lamer. You struggle to try and make small talk, but end up just hanging out in the bathroom sharing mints and tooth picks with the bathroom attendant.

Had to carry your drunk girlfriend away from a confrontation

Remember that time your girlfriend got too drunk and almost started a fight? She creates a huge scene as you stand there awkwardly pleading with her to just walk away. She's too drunk and angry at the girl who spilled on her "on purpose," forcing you to literally have to carry her away in fear that she might get killed.

Sent vomit-worthy texts

If any of our single friends ever actually read some of our texts to our girlfriends, we might not have any single friends anymore. The amount of emoticons that get sent back in forth in an average text convo would make even an anorexic girl want to eat -- just so she could vomit.

Been absolutely clueless when it came to a birthday present

You have literally no idea. You feel like a moron playing "Jeopardy." You’re just a lost puppy. How is it possible that you've been dating your girlfriend all this time, and you legitimately can't come up with a single gift to get her? You end up having to spend an entire day in a jewelery store with one of her friends, just what every guy wants to do!

Put on her underwear and put on a song and dance

Wait, what?  You guys don’t do that? Oh….uh me neither!!

Worn a shirt you hated because your girlfriend bought it

Aren’t girls supposed to have better fashion sense than men do? Nothing sucks more than having to put on a fake smile to match your cheesy shirt. If your girlfriend doesn't give you the best sex of your life that night, complete waste of the embarrassment.

Changed your Facebook photo to one with your girlfriend because she made you

Not only does she control your actual life, but she controls your Facebook account as well (is that worse?). If you even think about for a second making your default picture you and the bros or even your favorite sports team logo, you might as well look for another girlfriend.

All in all, make sure the sex is worth it!!!

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