This Texting Etiquette Guide Will Stop You From Embarrassing Yourself

I can't remember the last time I spoke to someone on the phone who wasn't my mom telling me I don't call her enough.

But I text all the time. At this point I think I'm technically engaged to my group chat.

The great thing about texting is it doesn't require you to look at people when you talk or hear their horrible voices -- or your own horrible voice for that matter.

Plus, you get to plan out your jokes so you always seem way funnier than you actually are in person.

I'm sure everyone knows at least ONE person who is straight-up liquid hot fire in text form, but in real life he or she is about as charming as an old shoe with a bird living in it.

That said, texting has its own bundle of downsides. Although, most of it comes from people just not understanding what is and is not appropriate text etiquette. Like, this isn't "Mad Max," people. There are rules.

But, worry not. We are here to help. We have compiled a definitive, clinically-tested Texting Etiquette Guide to help you educate all your textually-challenged friends.

It's time for Text Ed.