14 People Who Are Fooling Nobody With These Terrible Knockoffs (Photos)

The real world is a lot more like middle school than most of us are willing to admit, and although adults might eat fewer Lunchables and shower more frequently, there are certain things a lot of people never really outgrow.

One of those things is the irrational urge to spend more money than you need to on something because it's emblazoned with the name of the person who designed it  (fashion visionary Ed Hardy, for example) or there's a tiny animal embroidered on the chest.

Even if they can't really justify it, people have proven they'll gladly pay a premium for name brands, but some people want the prestige without the price tag. There are some convincing counterfeiters out there, but there are also some who are not.

I certainly admire the effort these people put in, but something tells me these might not be the real thing.

Sometimes the flaws aren't super obvious.

Other times they're a little easier to spot.

"It's, um, Nike's football wing?"

Something got lost in translation.

There's no better way to listen to the music you probably pirated.

At least they were sort of up front about it.

Everybody knows the best Mexican beer comes from China.

The same goes for scotches with incredibly ill-advised names.

Fun fact: "Joens Danhse" is the sound Jack Daniel made when he tried to say his name after finishing a bottle of his whiskey.

And "skurple" is the noise your body will make involuntarily if you sniff this marker too many times.

There's nothing like watching rich aristocrats gather for a classy afternoon of bouncing on a stick as many times as possible.

I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about this logo that just seems a little bit off.

This is a bootleg Smash Mouth cover waiting to happen.

Bootleg isn't always a downgrade.