Teen Shaves Head Like A Pineapple After Losing Bet, Completely Owns It (Photos)

When you lose a bet as a teen, it's cute and weird (the opposite of losing a bet as an adult, which often results in the bank taking your house or your wife divorcing you... Gambling is a disease, guys).

That said, this teen lost a bet with true grace. What exactly the bet was is vague, although I'd like to just assume it was, "Who can kill the most stray cats?"

Apparently, he wasn't very good at cat-killing (or whatever it actually was), and, in line with the terms of the bet, he had to cut and dye his hair to make it resemble a pineapple.

The weirdest part about this whole thing is definitely just how well he rocks this look.

It's like the movie "The Ring." If you haven't already seen it, you would never expect it to work.

But it does.

God, it does.

The only problem, I imagine, is upkeep.

I assume you can't go to a barber and tell them, "Hey bro, just give me the pineapple."

Also, I think we should talk about these photos...

...because they look a lot like wedding pictures.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate..."

"The beautiful union of man..."

"...and pineapple."

I think they have a bright future ahead of them.

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