Teen Hilariously Hacks Parents' Phones To Get Green Light For House Party

Parents and technology are like oil and water: They just don't mix.

One teen named Brendan hilariously capitalized on this truth in order to get his parents to (inadvertently) agree with, well, whatever he texted them.

He brilliantly tweaked the settings in his parents' phones, so that when they typed the word “no,” it would be autocorrected to something else entirely. For his mom, that "something" was the phrase “HELL YES,” and for his dad, it was “WHERE THE BITCHES AT.”

A screenshot of a text conversation Brendan had with his parents in which he asks them if he can throw a party went viral after being posted to Reddit yesterday, since the "hack" left his parents at his disposal.

It is, hands down, one of the funniest and most satisfying text exchanges I have ever seen.

Kids, take a page from Brendan's book, maybe for April Fool's Day, and let your parents' tech incompetence truly shine. You won't be sorry.

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