11 Pictures Of Teachers Who Totally Forgot The Projector Was Still On

by Connor Toole

Based on everything I experienced during my years in a classroom, I have a theory every teacher is forced to take a class called "How To Be Incredibly Confused By Basic Technology" before they're permitted to step into any sort of educational setting.

I'm not saying every teacher out there is technologically inept (computer science teachers are teachers, too), but I probably could have picked up another minor in college based on the number of minutes I spent sitting in class waiting for the professor to figure out how to use the projector.

All of the teachers and professors in these pictures were somehow able to overcome this traditionally towering technological hurdle, but I bet most of them wish they'd paid more attention in the allegedly nonexistent class I previously mentioned based on what these projectors broadcasted to the entire class.

They have no one to blame but themselves.

I understand why teachers feel like they're all alone in the classroom... but this is probably taking things a little too far.

I'm sure this teacher was just reading it for the articles.

This is what having tenure looks like...

...and this is what getting fired looks like.

I'd act like this was a surprise, but this is exactly who I would expect to be looking at pictures like that in a classroom.

Either this teacher is trying to relate to his students or finds this genuinely entertaining, and I'm honestly not sure which one is worse.

I assume this teacher meant to show the class this slide, but I have a feeling there's at least one sentence that isn't supposed to be there.

Maybe it's an anatomy class?


He deserves to be publicly shamed more than anyone else on this list.

It's even more awkward for the professor.

This is the only example no one should be ashamed of.