#TBT: The F*cked Up Things You Did To Your Sims Family

Remember Sims? Of course you do. Remember all those long hours, days, spent holed up in your room? Hour after hour you sat there, back hurting, fingers stiff from typing "rosebud" and a small bead of sweat forming on your upper lip from sheer concentration. But you didn't care. This was your world, your life, your people.

Their life was your life. Real friends became a thing of the past and the happiness (or lack) of your Sim family was all that really mattered. Food wasn't important, family didn't matter; the only thing you really cared about was getting Sims 2 for Christmas.

However, when you think back to those fond memories of your Sim family, I'm sure you have a few things you'd rather not share. Because we all know that after you established the necessary job and housing conditions for your "family," suddenly things would start to get real.

You did some f*cked up sh*t to those poor people. You killed a man for the pure enjoyment of watching him die. You removed them from their beds while having sex so you could watch. You killed a baby. But who cares!? It's not real. So in celebration of Throwback Thursday, here's a list of all the f*cked up sh*t we used to do to our Sims.

Took Out The Ladder Just To Watch Them Drown

This b*tch has no idea.

Started Fires Just To F*ck Their Days Up

 Made Them Have Dirty Sim Sex

 Killed Family Members Just To Watch Them Cry

Watched Them Sleep

Got Them Pregnant

Starved The Kids Until They Died

Made Them Get Dirty In The Hot Tub

Top Photo Courtesy of: Tapety, Photos Courtesy of Tumblr