This Tattoo Artist Won The Game With The Ultimate Pokémon Tattoo Coverup

This artist covered up an embarrassing Pikachu tattoo with another Pikachu tattoo, and it's downright genius.

Terrible tattoos are constant reminders of awful mistakes. Often rushed and sometimes misspelled, a tattoo artist's screwup leaves you with a brand on your skin that says,

Hey! I make rash decisions that have terrible, long-lasting consequences!

You could always get shameful skin ink surgically removed, but this tattoo artist decided to take an alternate route in turning one customer's tattoo lemons into lemonade.

Redditor Schismatron claims the artist is named Lindsay Baker, and she works at NiteOwl Tattoo in Northampton, Massachusetts. Schismatron's word is as good as gold to me, so I believe it.

Total Pokémon side note: Some Redditor on the thread made the point Wobbuffet's body is actually a decoy, and his real head is his tail.

This is 100 percent unrelated to the tattoo thing but completely mind-blowing.