Hilarious Zombie Prank Terrorizes Unsuspecting Women On The Train (Video)

Based on this video, Brazilians don't watch a lot of zombie movies.

If they did, the people being pranked here (by getting locked in a subway car with a bunch of zombies banging at the window) would know how to escape a zombie apocalypse instead of straight up losing their minds with terror.

These women are so absolutely terrified that I'm surprised one of them didn't try to kill the zombies (or themselves) at some point during the ordeal.

This video is funny -- that is, if you ignore the fact that this is how human beings behave when they truly believe they're moments away from being murdered.

Personally, I've been waiting my whole life for the zombie apocalypse.

But now when it finally does come, I'll probably assume it's an elaborate stunt for a Brazilian prank show and get my face chomped.