Savage Student Prints Roommate's Subtweets About Her And Hangs Them In Dorm

If I'm writing a story about a roommate, I'm usually writing about how much the roommate sucks and all the terribly hilarious shit he or she does, which I will exaggerate for comedic effect.

This is not one of those stories.

This story comes from the opposite side. This is the tale of a roommate who found herself slandered online for being a "horror story."

Now, the jury is out about whether or not the roommate in question, our protagonist, was actually the worst. Let's set that aside for a moment, though.

Okay, so this is what happened: One day Penn State student and Twitter user @jessyjeanie discovered all the tweets her roommate had written about her being awful.

Her strategy for revenge was as creative as it was effective. She printed out the subtweets and hung them up in their dorm.

The tweets themselves are hilarious alone.

One just reads: "update: my roommate has whooping cough" -- which is just a weird thing to say.

Anyway, her gossipy roommate did not like this AT ALL.

Then her RA got involved.

The subtweeting roommate texted her, explaining she doesn't hate her but will continue to talk trash online if she doesn't get her shit together. I kind of love everyone in this situation. No one is backing down.

Everyone on the internet basically feels like this right now.

NOT cool.

I don't know who to believe in this story, and I don't really care. It's too much fun. But also, uh, maybe don't admit you have weed online when you're still at school. I'm not at school. I have weed in my house right now. Sorry, uh, weeds. I have a weed problem. They're destroying my hydrangeas!

It's still happening right now.

The saga is in full swing. This is a rivalry for the ages, and we're loving it.