'Stranger Things' Closes In On 'GoT,' But Is Tyrion The Dustin Of Westeros?!

by Tim McGovern

Warning! There be spoilers ahead!

Chances are if you've just finished watching "Stranger Things," you're currently asking yourself "CAN EGGOS TRAVEL TO THE UPSIDE DOWN?" and "WHY IS NANCY WITH STEVE AND NOT JONATHAN, LIKE, IS LOVE EVEN REAL?"

But most importantly, you're wondering when you can binge-watch the next season over eight consecutive hours, a feat that will cause you to look as sickly as Will emerging from the Upside Down by the time you're done.

Seriously, someone give that kid an Emergen-C, stat.

You're not alone in your love for this '80s nostalgia Sci-Fi masterpiece, because "Stranger Things" is catching up to "Game of Thrones" in audience demand in a big way.

Here's a breakdown provided by Parrot Analytics that shows exactly how much we can't get enough of the show:


With the possibility of "Stranger Things" eventually surpassing "Game of Thrones," I came up with the Westeros counterparts to all of our favorite Hawkins, Indiana characters.

Without further ado, here are all the "Game of Thrones" equivalents to the dramatis personae of "Stranger Things."

The Upside Down's Monster is the resurrected Mountain.


Both acting as their respective shows' nightmare fuel, the creature that dwells in the Upside Down (only to be unleashed in our dimension) and the "Walking Dead" version of the Mountain would totally be besties.

Tall, gross, and in definite need of Aveeno face wash, the creature called the Demogorgon and the undead knight who could probably have a career as a center for the Knicks would totally get along IRL.

In fact, I'm officially shipping them. Let the fan fic begin!

Barb equals Robb. The King of the North? More like the Queen of the Midwest!


The North remembers. Hawkins... well, Hawkins really doesn't remember, but viewers of "Stranger Things" will never forget you, Barb.

In fact, Barb getting ambushed in the Upside Down version of the pool was the Red Wedding of "Stranger Things." Just like Robb, Barb's moral compass was as infallible as Dustin's actual compass.

Barb. Barb, Barb, Barb. Maybe a red priestess can resurrect you? I think Melisandre might be free seeing as how she was just recently evicted from Winterfell.

Speaking of red witches, Joyce is totally Melisandre.


Just like Melisandre, Joyce is literally obsessed with light, except her Lord of Light is actually her son trying to communicate to her from a different dimension.

I mean, same difference, right? When Joyce nearly orgasmed after her Christmas lights started glowing, I expected her to mutter, "The night is dark and full of terrors."

By the old gods and the new, I declare that Chief Hopper is the Ned Stark of Hawkins, Indiana.


Both perhaps a little more inquisitive than tactful, these two bearded officials are all about getting to the bottom of the truth, even if it means losing their heads, or in Hopper's case, stepping into a different dimension in a Hazmat suit.

They also sort of have the same hairdo. Hey, maybe they go to the same Supercuts?!

Eleven is Daenerys but with 100 percent more nosebleeds.


These natural-born leaders share a lot in common. Daenerys is a breaker of chains, and Eleven is a breaker of supermarket sliding glass doors.

Eleven's "papa" is a mad scientist, and Daenerys' dad was a mad king who wanted to burn people alive. Same difference, am I right?

Plus, if you ever pissed Eleven off, I'd half expect her to scream, "WHERE... ARE... MY... EGGOS?"

Also, Eggos were definitely the dragon eggs of "Hawkins." All you have to do is put 'em in a little heat!

Dustin is Tyrion. Trust me. I drink, and I know things. That's what I do.


Both trusted advisors, these two are often overlooked at first despite spouting spot-on truths all day, erryday.

Also, Tyrion may be the god of tits and wine, but Dustin is the god of pudding and bologna sandwiches.

Nancy is Sansa and if you disagree with me, I will challenge you to trial by combat.


Nancy began the show being like, "oh Steve, you're so bad," but she ended the series being like "Steve GTFO of my way, I have to light this inter-dimensional monster on fire."

Likewise, Sansa has grown from the whiny, Joffrey-loving girl to the badass woman we know and love.

Finally, Will is Jon Snow. Once again, this is not an opinion, it's a fact. Think otherwise? Well, you... know... nothing.


Both brought back to life (more or less), Will and Jon have close encounters with pretty terrifying creatures. For Jon, it's the White Walkers. For Will, a weird creature with the head of a venus fly trap.

If you have any other possible "Stranger Things" counterparts to "Game of Thrones" characters, let us know!