Why Staying In Has Become More Fun Than Going Out (Video)

To go out or not to go out, that is the question.

While at one stage of our lives going out and raging was the only thing we wanted to do on the weekends, there comes a time when staying in is what you start looking forward to.

It doesn't mean you're lame just because you'd rather spend a night with Netflix and ice cream over night clubs and cocaine.

It just means you've matured and would rather recover from the week's work than wake up Saturday morning naked and dehydrated with a penis drawn on your forehead.

Today, we're introducing the eighth and final episode of the third season of Elite Daily's hit series, “Generation whY.”

With a hilarious new cast of comedians, YouTubers and personalities chatting about all new topics, this series is the most accurate dissection of the current trends and activities our generation indulges in.

This week's episode is a great Friday night activity to enjoy in your pajamas.

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