Starbucks Employees Spelling Your Name Wrong Are Smarter Than You Think (Video)

by Connor Toole

People love to whine about Starbucks, and while there's really no basis for the "$5 cup of coffee" complaint, there is one gripe in particular that seems to have too much of a foundation in reality: the workers' inability to spell their customers' names.

It's understandable that Starbucks employees might have trouble spelling the unique, New Age names that are slowly but surely creeping their way into the general population, but there's still no reason to assume that "Caleb" somehow contains a K and the "@" symbol.

Paul Gale Comedy took a closer look at the real reason names like "Jon" are somehow transformed into a treatise on factory farming, but it turns out your barista probably isn't as stupid as you think.

This makes sense because according to common knowledge everyone who works at Starbucks has a useless liberal arts degree.