These Absurd Correlations Prove Just How Much Two Random Things Have In Common (Photos)

by Connor Toole

Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of statistics knows that correlation does not necessary relate to causation, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to occasionally link together two seemingly unrelated things just because you can.

This was the mentality of a programer named Tyler Vigen, who created a series of graphs, dubbed Spurious Correlations, to track the link between totally unrelated phenomena.

Vigen claims that these correlations are totally coincidental. We'll see about that.

The majority of deaths came after people saw "Ghost Rider"

Look at all the terrible things fake butter is responsible for

This is a major plot point in the upcoming "Miss Congeniality 3"

I'd say something witty, but I'm in disbelief over how many people die from tangled bedsheets

Well, it's not like it's going to result in more marriages

See above

I assume it popped back up after KFC introduced the Double Down in 2010

A more accurate title would be "People who died by being pushed out of their wheelchairs for political reasons"

Space launches better check their privilege

Nuclear power has so many hidden dangers

I blame cholesterol

I can't wait until D.A.R.E. starts teaching kids about tending to bee colonies

Photos Courtesy: Tyler Vigen