The 'SNL' Parody Of Scientology Recruitment Videos Is Perfect

Scientology re-entered the public eye in a major way a couple weeks ago after HBO came out with the scathing new documentary "Going Clear," which paints the religion as crazier than Charlie Sheen in a blood-c0vered onesie.

One of the creepier parts of the film is the Scientology recruitment videos featuring enough corniness and brainwashing to make Kim Jong-un's propaganda department salivate with jealousy.

"SNL" decided to make its own recruitment video, renaming Tom Cruise's cult of choice to "Neurotology" because, despite its belief in aliens and soul-parasites, the organization has always pretended it has scientific overtones.

In reality, the only way science and Scientology are similar is that they both help us better understand the fecal matter of male cows.