10 Super Original Sexy Halloween Costumes Nobody Else Will Be Wearing (Photos)

In this day and age, being original is hard.

Especially on Halloween, when you can walk down the street and see six people wearing the same exact racist costume.

But no other costume type is has a deficit of uniqueness like that of the inimitable "Sexy Costume" category.

The “Sexy Police Lady,” “Sexy Nurse” and “Sexy Human-Sized Bee” Halloween costumes are all very played out by now.

And some say we've run out of things to make sexy on Halloween this year.

But worry not.

Here is a dynamite list of 10 brand new, highly original sexy Halloween costumes for a fresh way to show off what God (Obama) gave you:

Sexy Cure for Cancer

Hint: Play hard to get.

Sexy Chair

Sexy Divorce

Hint: Pick a little over half of the people at the party and keep reminding them love does not last and they will probably die alone.

Sexy Drunk Racist Uncle At Thanksgiving

Hint: Keep slapping tables and giving drunk speeches about how the "Chinese” need to go back to “Japan.”

Sexy Circumcision

Hint: Talk to people about how much you love crop tops.

Sexy Guy Pooping Too Loudly In Office Bathroom

Hint: Be sweaty, look at people's feet.

Sexy Emergency Kid Snack

Hint: No hint for this one. Just be awesome and beloved.

Sexy Slowly Fading Childhood Friendship

Hint: Keep telling people "...we should catch up soon" in a really quiet, sad voice.

Sexy Crippling Student Loans

Hint: Just be a constant downer in conversations. Possible subjects to bring up to ruin the mood might include: the Vietnam War, Lindsay Lohan's substance abuse problems, drone warfare and Anne Hathaway.

Sexy Super Long Starbucks Bathroom Line

Hint: Bring a bottle of the worst Vodka you can find to a party and pull it out only after all the other alcohol has been consumed so people are forced to beg to drink your terrible, garbage vodka.

Sexy War of 1812

Sexy Unwanted Dick Pic

Hint: Burst into rooms without knocking and scream your name at the top of your lungs.