Send Your Friends V-Day E-Cards For Dealing With Your Sh*t All Year

by Kate Ryan

Friends are the best. They hold your hair back when you puke, remind you to take your birth control pills when you forget and help you dig graves for very rude cat-callers you may have accidentally murdered. Not that I've personally experienced that or anything...

Now, thanks to the new friend-finding app, Palaround, you can show your BFFs how much you appreciate them this "Palentine's Day" with an e-card that perfectly sums up why they're the peanut butter to your jam.

Keep scrolling for all the best e-cards any friend would love to get this "Palentine's Day" weekend.

That's true love right there.

Here's to hating all the people and all the Sweethearts.

Because that's what friends are for!

3 pm? Try 11 am.

My mom is my mom and my Palentine.

I seriously Kha-love you right now.

It takes two, babe.

Download the Palaround app now and start finding your new best friends.