People Are Seriously Mad At This Town For Putting Up A Selfie Statue

In the centuries ahead, how will humanity be remembered?

Will we all be remembered as the culture that heralded in the age of the Internet, where people of all races and nationalities respectfully shared ideas, or will we be remembered as the image-obsessed culture that once erected a statue of two teenage narcissists taking a photograph of themselves on their ancient cell phones?

Personally, I think there is a high probability the second scenario is becoming increasingly more likely.

In Sugar Land, Texas, the statue below was recently installed in front of the town hall.

A town hall is a government building, meaning this statue of two half-crouching, fake-smiling idiots could've been paid for with taxpayer money, you know, in the same way roads and firefighters and Medicaid are paid for with taxpayer money. (The statue was reportedly actually donated by a resident, but still, it's a selfie statue.)

Needless to say, the Internet did not like this seemingly taxpayer-funded selfie statue at all.

Although, honestly, what did the people in charge of commissioning this statue expect?

Did they think people were going to be like "THANK GOD! SOMEONE FINALLY PUT UP A STATUE OF SOMETHING IMPORTANT!"

Still, one person made an important point about how this statue will be viewed in the future.

Maybe selfie culture in 50 years is going to be retro, and people just won't be filled with fury about how much we all sucked when they see a thing like this.

When the apocalypse comes and all the books decay, and all our databases malfunction and global warming covers nations in floods, this statue may very well be one of the only pieces of evidence alien explorers find of us, apart from the empty skeletons of our buildings, peeking up out of the enlarged ocean.

The aliens are going to think humans were real assh*les.

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