This Sean Spicer Press Conference Parody With Kids Proves He Needs A Xanax

by Robert Anthony

Sean Spicer's hectic White House press conferences are both incredibly upsetting and slightly hilarious to watch.

Have you ever actually sat through an entire briefing? It's like sitting through Thanksgiving dinner immediately after someone like Donald Trump is elected president of the United States -- a hot mess.

By now, we've all become used to Spicer's daily televised circus. I'll never be immune to the total chaos incited by political banter at the dinner table, though.

I think we owe Melissa McCarthy and "Saturday Night Live" a big thank you for helping to satirize Spicer's aggressive, erratic approach as he "answers" questions from sometimes overeager reporters.

A new parody sketch of the White House Press Secretary's infamous conferences will soon be deserving of a million thank-yous.

Why? It doesn't feature any "SNL" legends, but it does feature a bunch of kids!


I think we can all agree Spicer's briefings are incredibly similar to the scene inside of a kindergarten classroom.

Thanks to "The Daily Show," we now have an accurate portrayal of what it would look like if Sean Spicer were talking to a classroom full of kids instead of fed up reporters simply trying to do their jobs.

Similar to his briefings IRL, Spicer isn't a fan of "follow-ups" in this sketch.


The hilarious clip begins with host Trevor Noah revisiting a few of Spicer's dramatic moments during his daily briefings over the last few months.

Halfway into the clip, the parody begins with Spicer calling on a member of the press pool to ask a question. Only, there are no reporters sitting before him this time around. They're kids, and they're keeping shit real AF.

Check out the hilarious parody perfectly portraying the madness of Sean Spicer's White House press conferences.

GEEZ. Will someone slip Agent Spicy a chill pill?!

I mean, all I've gathered from that piece of comical relief is Sean Spicer is in dire need of a Xanax (or five). Either we're all too sensitive or this guy's seemingly nonexistent patience is insanely fragile...

I'm going with the latter on this one!

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