Sean Spicer Would Call Kylie Jenner 'Kyra Jenning' According To Name Generator

by Robert Anthony

What would White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer call you instead of your real name?

It's hard to tell after the 45-year-old former RNC communications director embarrassingly botched Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's name. He called him "Joe Trudeau" instead.

Before that, Spicer committed another epic name fail when he called Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull "Malcolm Trumble" twice. Sad!

Thanks to the internet, there's an actual name generator that tells you exactly what Sean Spicer would call you during one of his heated press conferences inside of the James S. Brady press briefing room.

So, let's test this Spicer name generator, shall we?

Sydney Morning Herald

The anticipation is killing us...

It turns out Mr. Spicer would hilariously refer to Kylie Jenner as "Kyra Jenning."

Sydney Morning Herald

She wasn't the only celebrity to be "Spicer-ized."

He'd confidently refer to Kim Kardashian as "Kimber Karelsen." Kanye West would be "Kapital Westcott."

In Spicer's twisted mind, Justin Bieber is "Joe Bieler."

Of course, this handy-dandy name generator left me with one burning question: What would Sean Spicer call Sean Spicer?!

Apparently, he isn't even safe when it comes to (purposely?) mispronouncing the names of known public figures.

Sean Spicer would called himself "Searby Spiedler." You know what? From now on, I'm calling him that. I can only imagine his swift, fictional response to that...

While Spicer has been both a cause for concern and oddly entertaining during his first few weeks as the White House press secretary, it can't be a good look when you have a name flub generator named after you...

I mean, you're the damn PRESS SEC, man!

If you're interested in seeing how Spicer would hilariously mispronounce your name, you are in luck, my friend. Just check out the name generator from The Sydney Morning Herald below... PERIOD.

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