10-Year-Old Comedian Has The Most Hilarious And Outrageous Jokes Ever

Stand-up comedy is about as difficult as skydiving while making a grilled cheese sandwich with a panini press.

There's this famous statistic: Most American's number one fear is public speaking.

And that's in reference to something like a speech at a brother's wedding or a boring presentation for a boardroom.

So for a lot of people, standing on a stage alone and making people laugh is basically like setting yourself on fire.

And yet, Saffron Herndon can apparently do it better than most people. If you peeked your head into the tragic arena of an open mic, I guarantee you'd hear very few jokes better than those of this 10-YEAR-OLD.

She's like Mozart if Mozart was funny instead of "good at sound stuff."

Seriously, this girl's jokes are on point.

Needless to say, she has a unique point of view.

She gets dark as hell.

She's very understanding.

Plus, she is excellent at making important points...

...and has a clear hold on her priorities.

There are ageism burns galore.

Here's a video of one of Herndon's sets from last year to see her in action.