Sad Bernie Sanders Watching The Debate Is The Internet's New Favorite Meme

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place last night, and it was depressing.

Critics widely believe that Hillary won soundly against Trump, who avoided questions, rambled on and constantly interrupted Secretary Clinton.

But still, a lot of people out there were also imagining just how amazing the debate would've been if it was Sanders vs. Trump.

Then, this picture found its way to the internet, breaking all of our little hearts.

There's just something extremely surreal about a person who could've been president silently watching his competitors go on without him.

Also, the fact that he's standing up while watching makes everything even sadder.

Of course, the memes began immediately.


Give the internet a photograph with a big square that's easy to Photoshop, and the internet will give you far too much effort.


Just think about how long this must've taken to make. Was it worth it? Yes. The answer is yes.


There are some truly talented people out there.

Look, we all knew Bernie had good taste.

Anyway, I decided to take part. The only difference between my memes and the other memes is I'm not good at them. But I get paid.

Twitter/Alec MacDonald


Twitter/Alec MacDonald

Bernie is all about us trying to find ways to better understand one another, despite our pasts and upbringing. Just like NARUTO.

Twitter/Alec MacDonald

Here's a little-known fact: This is Bernie's favorite movie. He likes how the hubris of the top 1 percent makes everyone die.

Twitter/Alec MacDonald

Turns to wife: "Yo, check this part out. This is my favorite. This shit is fucking fire. Have you seen the third season?"

Twitter/Alec MacDonald

We miss you, dear friend. If you had been in the debate last night, the amount of yelling and gesticulating coming from both sides of the aisle would've caused an earthquake.