From Russia With WTF!? Russian Prom Photos Are Wilder Than You'd Ever Imagine

Another day, another funny story to come out of Russia. Well, not necessarily a story (the day is young) but another compilation of hilarious images, further proving how crazy Mother Russia really is.

We've shown you the craziest GIFS from Russia, the wildest Facebook photos from Russia, and the hilarious dating profile from Russia, and today we present to you Russian prom photos that will surely make you go WTF!?

Would you have gone to prom with any of these great students?

Was the prom theme Halloween?

This is when she reads the names of the participants in this year's "Hunger Games."

Look, a peacock!    I think she forgot her prom dress. The most epic walk of shame ever. The ménage à trois of the year. The Russian "TLC" Putin's favorite couple.

It might take her forever to get to the prom...

The Russian Math Team

The Real Housewives Of Moscow

In Mother Russia, we don't wear clothes to prom...

Hilarious dress to get your period in.

The Russian Jasmine

Don't think she had a problem finding a date...

The Russian Barbie

The mail-ordered date

The other mail-ordered date.

The Russian cast of "Girls"

Maryiah Katka and Ashleykca Olsen

I wonder who the Prom King and Queen were?

Images via topnovosti