From Russia With WTF?! The GIFs That Solidify Russia As The Craziest Place On Earth

Russia is like that strange middle child who is starved for attention. Or maybe they're more like that creepy uncle who no one ever wants to talk to. Russia has become so ridiculous that even the country's name just makes us laugh.

Making us immediately wonder what crazy thing Russia is up to next.

Have you ever heard anyone say they like to vacation in Russia? No, because it's not a good place. Their leader is constantly compared to bald cats, and he's definitely up there with the craziness of North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Overall, it's just a weird place that is too easy to make fun of. So, in light of all things Russian, here's 42 GIFS that prove just how bizarre Russia really is.

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H/T: The Roosevelts, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr