The 10 Things Rihanna's Bizarre Met Gala Dress Looked Like (Photos)


So, it was the Met Gala last night. The Met Gala is one of those events that is so upstaged by famous people posing for pictures, its actual purpose becomes irrelevant.

Technically, the Meta Gala, also known as the Met Ball (according to my friend Trevor J. Wikipedia), is a fundraising benefit for the Met's Costume Institute.

This year, the theme was “China: Through The Looking Glass,” and that gave everyone the rare opportunity to wear racist clothes with some impunity.

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker's understanding of Chinese culture starts and ends with the movie "Mulan."

But, the big meme-splosion came from this pool/tarp-sized gown of mass destruction Rihanna dragged around.

Most of the meme-ing was, of course, egg-themed.

Because her dress looks like a giant, inedible omelet.

"Huevos a la Rihanna."

She also looked like she hunted and skinned this large yellow bird that is native to New York.

Ugh, I've always wanted to use one of these.

She also looked like Zeus asked her to hold one of his condoms.

"One RiRi to rule them all."


Seriously, people are very stuck on the egg thing.

And finally, it's not delivery, it's RiGiorno.