Really Attractive Parents Lip Sync Song From 'Frozen' While Driving With Daughter In The Back Seat (Video)

Far and away the funniest thing about this video is the title:

"Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen."

The first two words are so unnecessary but, in a strange way, appropriate.

Sure I was kind of listening to the video, but I still haven't seen "Frozen" in the few days since we posted the last parody, and this is the first time I was made aware of the fact that it contains a song called "Love Is an Open Door." Consequently, I wasn't exactly emotionally invested in the music.

What I was really fixating on the entire time I was watching was how attractive both of the parents are. I'm not normally into the "not a hipster but still kind of arsty" look, but they really did it for me -- both of them.

Congratulations to their daughter for winning the genetic lottery.

H/T: ViralViralVideos