Really Attractive Parents Lip Sync Song From 'Frozen' While Driving With Daughter In The Back Seat (Video)

by Connor Toole

Far and away the funniest thing about this video is the title:

"Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen."

The first two words are so unnecessary but, in a strange way, appropriate.

Sure I was kind of listening to the video, but I still haven't seen "Frozen" in the few days since we posted the last parody, and this is the first time I was made aware of the fact that it contains a song called "Love Is an Open Door." Consequently, I wasn't exactly emotionally invested in the music.

What I was really fixating on the entire time I was watching was how attractive both of the parents are. I'm not normally into the "not a hipster but still kind of arsty" look, but they really did it for me -- both of them.

Congratulations to their daughter for winning the genetic lottery.

H/T: ViralViralVideos