Real People Try Cosmo's F*cking Weird Sex Positions In The Middle Of NYC (Video)

New York City is a place where you are guaranteed to see some of the weirder things of life.

A few weeks ago, onlookers couldn't help but stop and watch real people trying Cosmopolitan's sex positions in good ol' Washington Square Park.

If you've ever read Cosmopolitan, you know what kind of weird sh*t they suggest. The suggestions usually leave you pondering: HOW?!

This couple decided to turn that "how" into a "wow" with a live demonstration. Of course, they were not completely naked. Instead, they donned flesh-colored bodysuits and tried nailing (yes, pun intended) the positions.

They were able to complete a few, but were not so successful with others.

Take a look above for part one.

Check out Part 2: