Why Are Our Real Lives And Our Instagram Lives Totally Different? (Video)

If someone goes to the gym and doesn't Instagram a gym selfie, did that person really go to the gym?

Let's face it, we all go out of our way to make our lives look more glamorous on Instagram.

The app has essentially become our generation's way of maximizing any situation by capturing a small, deceptive square's worth of information to convince our peers we are more exciting than we really are.

And if not enough people like our photos, well... that's when people get mad. Really, really mad.

Today, we're introducing episode seven of the third season of Elite Daily's hit series, “Generation whY.”

With a hilarious new cast of comedians, YouTubers and personalities chatting about all new topics, this series is the most accurate dissection of the current trends and activities our generation indulges in.

This week's episode is sure to get a ton of likes... or else (we'll delete and repost).

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