Real Couples Play 'Sexy Charades' And Mime Wild Sex Positions (Video)

by Emily Arata

Turning the pages of a magazine's sex guide usually takes you by outrageous position names like the "Half-Turn Boa Constrictor Slurping A Smoothie" and the "Intertwined Octopi Jumping Rope."

Paired with diagrams more complex than those made by NASA, these adventurous positions will leave you more confused than curious.

Never one to shy away from an adventure, the team at Cut Video asked real couples -- including the director's parents! -- to try out sexy charades.

They're prompted with the name of an unconventional position, and then act out what they think it looks like.

It's easy to tell who's a little more bold in the bedroom because a few couples just jump straight into mock-fellatio.

Think you know what the "Drill Bit" looks like? Think again.