Mike Jones Made A Comeback In Terrible Local Super Bowl Commercial

A number of Super Bowl commercials that ran this year decided to forgo tested marketing strategies like "talking animals" and "dumb catchphrases" in favor of "double amputees" and "dead children," but there were still a number of ads that relied on traditional techniques to get out their messages.

One of those ads was a local spot for Mark Jones, a lawyer from Georgia who decided to employ the "remind the general public a celebrity is still alive" angle for his 30 seconds in the spotlight.

These commercials can be pretty hit-or-miss, but it's a whole lot easier to get a "hit" when the celebrity in question is early-2000s rap sensation Mike Jones. (Who?)

If Mark Jones really knew what he was doing, he would have found a way to change his office's number to (281) 330-8004.

But if I ever find myself in legal trouble in the Columbus area, I'm definitely going to hit Mark Jones up on the low (cuz Mark Jones about to blow).