Raccoon Manages To Break Into A Beer Warehouse And Gets Wasted (Video)

Raccoons are genetically predisposed to want to break into as many things as possible, which is why they've evolved to have markings that make them look like a burglar in every film made before 1937.

Just like humans, raccoons dream about winning the lottery. However, due to their inability to grasp the idea of currency, their idea of hitting the jackpot doesn't involve a "Let's Make A Deal" scratch-off ticket.

Instead, it's about accidentally stumbling on a place with an unlimited supply of things to gorge on -- sort of like El Dorado if you could eat the gold.

However, you also have to know your limits.

This raccoon accidentally stumbled into a warehouse full of beer, and after taking advantage of the situation he started to stumble a bit more and attract the attention of one of the workers.