The Internet Is Roasting R Kelly For Watching Kobe's Last Game On A Tiny TV

by Connor Toole
REUTERS/Andrea De Silva

Last night, Kobe Bryant capped off his NBA career with a 60-point performance during a day when seemingly every single person on the Internet made sure to post something to commemorate his retirement.

One of those people was R Kelly -- the second most famous singer to inspire a sketch on "Chappelle's Show" -- who posted a picture of himself watching the game last night.

There's no real context for this picture, but you'd think someone like R Kelly would be able to find a place to watch a basketball game that didn't resemble the inside of a dimly lit utility closet at a rundown banquet hall in the New Jersey suburbs.

More like "Trapped in the Supply Closet."

Some people drew slightly different parallels.

You can tell if someone's an R Kelly fan based on whether or not he or she thinks he's best known for his R&B career.

Here's the obligatory "Crying Jordan."


To be fair, it probably wouldn't need much to be held up in the first place.

That's being generous.

At least she was nice enough to add the "plus."

At least he didn't say "iPhone."

That last tweet apparently cut deep enough to force R. Kelly to respond with an incredibly reasonable explanation.

@LoMed1978 ya'll are trippin'! I wasn't watching the game at my place — R. Kelly (@rkelly) April 14, 2016