Proposal Photos Are So Much Better When Rings Are Replaced With Pizza

Memes are not typically complex. And this one is no exception.

Reddit users decided to take wedding proposal photographs and Photoshop pizza in instead of engagement rings.

Getting married is usually considered the best day of one's life, but getting a slice of pizza is usually considered the best part of your day -- so really, this meme just makes sense.

Honestly, if someone I loved got down on one knee and handed me a slice of pepperoni pizza, I'd likely react like the people in these pictures. I'd put my hands over my mouth, cry hysterically and probably go ahead and commit to spending the rest of my life with the pizza giver.

Gotta lock that sh*t down.

I bet they're going to raise such beautiful Bagel Bites together.

If she says "no," he'll be crushed (red pepper).

People never thought he'd stick to his promises, but boy did he deliver.

They know it's cheesy, but they can't help themselves.

In certain cultures, pizza parties are arranged by the parents. This couple's party wasn't.

He's promising to always be there in 30 minutes or less.

They'll love each other until the day they pie.

Their honeymoon is obviously in Italy.

I really hope that's not a blood pizza.

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