These Hilarious Product Placement Fails Definitely Got People Fired


Whoever decides where products are placed at the CVS by my house is a genius when it comes to getting me to buy keychain hand sanitizers at checkout.

I dunno, they're just irresistible to me (They promise a life of germlessness on the go, even though they just end up bursting in my backpack all over my "Harry Potter" hardcovers).

But listen, not everyone is that good at their job. Some people organize the products in their stores with the sort of care and thoughtfulness usually reserved for drunk people picking fights with police horses.

This post is about those people.

Behold, 18 amazing unintentional (that's to be debated, actually) product placement fails:

Man, Hillary just can't get a break with this.

You know, I think this is like "buy this stuff and you might make a little one" kind of thing.

This is my impression of the manager of this store: "F*ck it, I hate my life." I'm good at impressions.

I mean they had to guess this would happen when they chose that name for their boat magazine. Every magazine that isn't a boat magazine has boobs on it at some point. USA! USA! USA!

These atheists at Barnes & Noble are getting bold.

Also, don't overlook the size of that MiraLAX box. Who needs a year's supply of laxatives? For scale, please refer to the spork on the ground.

This isle is called "Doctors who f*ck a lot."

It's like a series of modern hieroglyphics.

This is not cool. This is unacceptable. God is an assh*le.

You know what'll help you have sex? Fake Oakleys. Girls love fake Oakleys almost as much as they love real Oakleys.

OK, not technically "product placement," more like "sticker-placement," but still. Look at it.

Then there is this, which you think is just a coincidence...

...until it happens again.

Next is this accidental piece of poetic coincidence...

...until it stops being a coincidence, too.

This is basically like fate asking you to take the blue pill or the red pill. (The red pill is babies, guys.)

Again: the crossroads. Sex with someone else, or sex with yourself?

Then, finally, there is this. Despite the fact the color scheme of these two products is similar, and that "fire and ice" is pretty reminiscent of "Game of Thrones," pretty sure these two things should be sold in separate stores, in separate countries.