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Prince's Incredible New Passport Photo Looks Exactly Like You'd Expect

Prince is one of those people you can't imagine doing anything but being on stage. Or, well, I guess it's not hard to imagine Prince lying in a field of sunflowers, having sex with a swarm of butterflies.

But, Prince walking his dog, Prince doing his taxes or Prince trying to talk his way out of jury duty? Well, that last one would go something like this,

I'm sorry Mr. Judge man, but I can't be a fair juror because I will make everyone too horny.

No. Prince is like your teachers in high school. It's just weird to imagine them anywhere but school, teaching. But, the truth is your high school teachers were all normal people who got drunk, hated going to work, occasionally got and/or gave handjobs and pooped 10 times a day just like the rest of us. (People poop 10 times a day, right? That's totally normal, right?)

Prince poops. Think about that. Prince poops. He has to. Biology says he has to. However, I can't help but imagine instead of sitting on a toilet and letting feces drop out of his butt into a puddle of water, Prince just does a little fart that makes a trumpet sound, and a pearl pops out. Anything else seems impossible.

So, picturing Prince going to a F*CKING Department of Motor Vehicles or some sh*tty kiosk or something to take a passport photo is straight-up mind-boggling.

Thankfully for us, Prince looks literally exactly as Prince should look in a passport photograph, like a f*cking sex-god space emperor.

PRINCE ROGERS NELSON::PASSPORT PICTURE 2/11/16 — Prince3EG (@Prince3EG) February 11, 2016

Oh, and don't worry, people on Twitter have NOT failed to make this comparison.

@Prince3EG someone made this lol — fonkymutha (@XtRaLoVeAbLe) February 11, 2016

Conclusion: Prince is Prince all day, every day.

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